"Brexit fez-me sentir como um imigrante novamente"
Brexit made me feel like a foreigner again

This project explores the Portuguese culture in London and their response towards Brexit. Since the news of Brexit came about, I wanted to find out how foreigners living in the UK were feeling, and if they had any anxieties about what will happen.

Having a Portuguese nationality myself, but being born in London, never really felt like an issue, until Brexit. The decision my family made to apply for our first British Passport and gain a British nationality ultimately made me feel divided - I felt as though I wasn't just losing one nationality, I was losing an identity. 

This work took me on a journey, from places such as Portobello down to Stockwell, interviewing Portuguese people from different age groups along the way. Do they feel safe? Do they feel indifferent? Or do they also feel as though they were about to lose their identity?


This work was made for the Photography & The Gallery module at London South Bank University, and exhibited at The Cob Gallery in Camden, London in December 2016.

Participants: Anabela da Silva, Roberto Carlos, Mario Duarte, Sofia Pereira, Natalie Estanqueiro, Liliana Pina & Carla Joaquim

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