Raw Files​

Raw Files is a combination of moving images observing how humans react to violence. Set within an isolated studio environment, the participants in this project were asked to sit and watch videos containing various forms of violence; from violence inflicted on wildlife and women to violence portrayed in video games and movies, all whilst having their expressions captured throughout. This grid of reactions displayed on a screen simultaneously allows for viewing their response to the same video, in real time.

Raw Files became an experiment to see how we as humans have been conditioned to respond to violence. Is there only one way to respond, through shock and horror? Do the results change depending on the age of the participant? Do they change depending on the gender?

This is an on-going project that will continue and branch out to various age groups, genders and race to gain a wider scale of results.

This work was created for the Major Project module at London South Bank University and exhibited at the Old Truman Brewery for the Free Range Exhibition, on June 2018.

Participants: Natalie Estanqueiro, Jhanny Marmolejo, Liliana Pina, Stefan Krieger, Eric Komma, Roger da Silva, Krisztina Juhász, Tatjana Papec & Abiy Mamo

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